Is someone stealing your installed base?

An old, traditional, industrial business with a global installed base of several thousand technically complex products experienced lacking sales due to a reactive and unstructured service business. The company focused on selling spare parts only to a few clients, with no service agreements and no control over their installed base. The company wanted to take back ownership, sell services, and rebuild relationships, while simultaneously selling new builds with thought-through service agreements.

The company brought SLG.Consulting on board to assist in finding a way to increase service sales. The business status, including offering, sales methodology, client perspectives, and markets, were analysed, resulting in a three-step framework to reach this goal.

The solution consisted of:

  1. Development of Specific Service Offering, clearly answering client’s needs and bringing enhanced and tangible value.
  2. Sales Training and Coaching Globally, both physically and remotely, on the new offerings.
  3. Operationalize, which included structuring the organization as well as the processes to efficiently deliver service contracts.

As a result of implementing the suggested framework, the outcome was excellent: the aftermarket sales tripled while maintaining high margins, and the company re-established relationships with previous clients.

SLG.Consulting combines Leadership Development with Operational Excellence to Make You Lead. In the case above, we helped develop a new offering, train leadership, and operationalize the offering to both increase the service business, rebuild client relationships, and as an end result, sell more services and new builds with service agreements.

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Alex Flint SLG Consulting

Alex Flint
Senior Procurement &
Data Specialist

Alex has a background in procurement, managing global spend in multiple direct and indirect categories for Tesco, Caterpillar and Honda over 12 years. Having completed two successful business start-ups as a co-founder, Alex moved into management consulting. Working with a number of different consulting firms and many diverse clients, he became an expert in identifying the correct data and analysis needed to quantify value opportunities for clients. He recently successfully completed a six-month UK Government funded project to develop a generalised NLP categorisation AI, with the data science team at University College London (UCL).


Jeanette Huldén SLG Consulting

Jeanette Huldén
Head of Administration & Communications

Jeanette holds a B.Sc. in Tourism and Hospitality Management alongside an M.Sc. in Marketing from the Hanken School of Economics. She has extensive experience in international customer service, business administration, and marketing. A powerful force in the workplace, Jeanette uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.

Tel: +358 44 901 7157


Anders FInne SLG Consulting

Anders Finne
Managing Partner

Anders holds an M.Sc. from Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. After graduating, he joined Svennerstål & Partners as a consultant, spending five years travelling the globe and working with leadership assessment and organisational development programs for a wide scope of clients. Anders then went on to spend a further five years in operational management roles; merging companies and building new business units at BAE Systems and Mirka. In 2015, he founded A-zeta Consulting, which merged with SLG in September of 2020.

Tel: +358 40 167 9061


Serge Borg SLG Consulting

Serge Borg
Senior Partner

With a 35-year dual career as a Senior Executive for international multi-billion dollar groups and as a Project Director for Proudfoot and Maine Pointe, Serge has vast expertise in leading teams, initiatives, and clients toward cultural and organizational change. His latest achievements include a 12-month post-merge integration program for a chemical conglomerate, alongside a successful 2-year transformation initiative for a defence and security group, integrating 28 new tools and SOPs for a 100+ team and contributing to a 6.2% EBITDA impact. Serge holds an MA (Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris), MBA (INSEAD), and PhD (Political Sciences and International Relations), as well as being fluent in French, English, Italian and Arabic.

Tel. +44 7775 904269


Stephan Orth SLG Consulting

Stephan Orth
Senior Partner

Stephan is an experienced manager with 30 years of international work & management experience across EMEA, Asia and North America. Stephan has primarily worked within Management Consulting and Senior Management positions, holding a strong track record in turnarounds and corporate growth. He has vast experience within sectors including IT, Healthcare, Industrials and Oil&Gas, and has also held several board and advisory positions.

Tel: +46 73 420 0925


Alexandra Stieber SLG Consulting

Alexandra Stieber
Senior Partner

Raised and educated in an international environment, Alexandra has 30 years of experience in Management Consulting in over 20 countries worldwide. Besides her consulting projects, she has successfully established her own “greenfield” business in Spain. As a consultant, Alexandra has been involved in numerous transformation projects focused on turnarounds, operational improvements, and change management. Her sectors of experience include Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Banking, Consumer & Industrial Packaging, Electronics, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, and Retail. Besides holding an MA from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Alexandra is also an accredited Insights® trainer.

Tel: +49 173 391 8768


Josefin Anderssén SLG Consulting

Josefin Anderssén
Senior Associate

Josefin Anderssén is a Senior Associate at SLG.Consulting. Josefin holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa. She has been working with Management Consulting at SLG since October 2020, predominantly supporting clients within the Leadership Development sphere whilst also working on projects related to Organizational Development, Talent Management, and Executive Search. Before joining SLG, Josefin worked at A-zeta Consulting as a Junior Recruitment Consultant, developing her skills in Full Recruitment Processes and Executive Search. Josefin is also a certified user of Aon Assessment online psychometric tests for selection and development.

Tel: +358 50 341 3095


Fredrik Palm SLG Consulting

Fredrik Palm
Senior Associate

Fredrik is a Senior Associate at SLG.Consulting, having been with the firm since the fall of 2020. Over the course of his career, Fredrik has led a variety of projects, most notably focused on change, operational efficiency, and process development for mid to large global industrial companies. Fredrik holds an M.Sc. Financial Degree from Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki.

Tel: +358 45 255 6254


Ina Pajunen SLG Consulting

Ina Pajunen
Administrative Coordinator

Ina is a junior consultant with a B.Sc. in Marketing from the Hanken School of Economics and is currently completing her Master’s in Marketing. She started her career at SLG Consulting as an Administrative Coordinator, where she handled various aspects of business operations. Ina’s positive attitude towards new challenges and her eagerness to develop her skills are key drivers in her consultancy work.

Tel: +358 45 2624899


Anders Ringdahl SLG Consulting

Anders Ringdahl

Anders is an experienced manager with over 25 years of international work and management experience mainly across EMEA, Asia, and North America. Anders has primarily worked with Sales, Business Development, and Senior Management positions. He has a strong track record in market establishment and sales growth, development of sales and service organizations, and company growth. He has spent the majority of his career within the Engineering and Machinery industry, serving multi segments such as Aviation, Automotive, Metallurgy, Crane and logistics, Energy, and Food industries. Anders holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Control Theory from Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Tel: +46 70 412 7016


Frédéric Clausier SLG Consulting

Frédéric Clausier

Frédéric holds a master’s degree in HR and has more than 20 years of experience as a Manager, CEO and Entrepreneur. He started his career as an HR professional, progressing to an HR Manager role for five years with a focus on leadership development, talent acquisition and change management. Frédéric then founded a consultancy which became one of the major players in the Executive Search industry in France & Belgium. Over the course of 15 years, Frédéric led the development of the firm as CEO through organic growth, turnarounds, and mergers that needed to focus on involving managerial lines in change management and business strategy. The company merged with a major French HR firm in December 2019, with Frédéric accompanying the merger for two years as a board member of the group. Frédéric has since launched new entrepreneurial projects in Europe & Africa, in particular with SLG.

Tel: +33(0)6 69 571 515


Mia Aspegren SLG Consulting

Mia Aspegren

Mia is an experienced executive profiler, recruiter, and development coach with an M.Sc. in Psychology and Cultural Sciences. With board-level experience working at company’s in various stages of development, Mia has refined a detailed, goal-oriented vision of leadership and cultural development that is highly adaptable to a wide scope of clients. Holding over 20 years of experience evolving work communities and finding the potential of the individual, Mia is happy to serve as a facilitator of development at both individual and team levels.

Tel: +358 40 531 2684


Heikki Järvensivu SLG Consulting

Heikki Järvensivu

Alongside an M.Sc. in both Engineering and Economics, Heikki has more than 30 years of experience in management consulting, specialising in strategy, structures, and execution. Heikki has worked for clients across a variety of industries and verticals, including food, retail, pulp and paper, logistics, IT, and finance.

Tel. +358 50 64301


Lambert Montevecchi SLG Consulting

Lambert Montevecchi

Lambert has spent the bulk of his career working for leading international management consulting firms focused on performance improvement, business transformation, and cost reduction. In these companies, Lambert has held senior executive positions as a business process analyst, head of auditing and assessment, and country manager. Conducting performance assessments and driving change management projects for more than 200 clients belonging to the world’s leading multinational corporations, government organizations, and private companies have provided Lambert with a truly global vision. Lambert applies his business analysis skills and understanding of the constraints and needs of the “frontline” to conceive and deploy change management projects which fit best and serve the client’s interest. Lambert also acts as an advisor for management consulting firms, digital health start-ups and is an “Ambassador” for several hospitals. Lambert is multicultural: a French citizen, attending English, American, and French schools and universities in Africa, Europe, and the USA.

Tel: +39 333 312 8826


Christopher Juul SLG Consulting

Christopher Juul

Christopher holds Master’s degrees in both International Business and Psychology and brings to SLG more than 15 years of international leadership in management consulting. Christopher is a Danish national who lives in Copenhagen but has lived and worked in many countries and brings expertise and international experience from industries, including food, steel, IT, chemicals, automotive, and professional service firms. With his recognized expertise in strategy development and execution and his general management experience, Christopher can provide client executives with advice and insights into building strong and effective organizations that deliver on goals and visions. Christopher is a board member of several IT start-ups and is the CEO and founder of the non-profit foundation Drive, which develops and promotes better education for neurodivergent children and youth.

Tel: +45 60 29 9519


Kirsi Mettälä SLG Consulting

Kirsi Mettälä

Kirsi has over 25 years of practical know-how and experience in HR, Sustainability, and C-suite executive and management teamwork in Finland and internationally. She has extensive experience in strategic planning and successful strategy execution, especially in the areas of HR and sustainability. Various change and transformational projects related to organizational design, modification of operations, values ​​and corporate culture, leadership, DEI, and people development have been an essential part of her work over the years. She works as a strategic partner for business executives and is a certified coach. As a person, she is able to put herself in the other person’s shoes and be aware of what drives decision-making in different situations. She tells you honestly what she sees and gets things done. Kirsi holds a BBA and eMBA in business administration.

Tel: +358 44 984 3538


Emmanuel Coulomb SLG Consulting

Emmanuel Coulomb
Board Member

Emmanuel is an expert in Sales, Marketing, and Communication, working internationally across the US, Asia, and EMEA for large groups, including Procter & Gamble, Wolters Kluwer, Accudyne, and American Cyanamid. Alongside his recognised expertise as an Executive Director and General Manager, Emmanuel has also developed outstanding experience as a Coach for Executives of International Groups across various sectors, providing them with an effective vision in terms of strategy, commercial organisation, and marketing. Now a member of numerous boards and with several advisory postions, Emmanuel brings a pragmatic vision to SLG in terms of development and success.

Tel: +33626204822